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Tips for Maintaining Your Cedar Shake Roof

Cedar shake roofs have been used for centuries because cedar is highly resistant to decay. However, there are several things that can make cedar shakes biodegrade prematurely. If these wood roofs in ...
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Commercial Roof Maintenance from Homestead

To ensure that your commercial roof is in its best condition, you should establish a maintenance routine, preferably with a trustworthy roofing contractor in Ridgewood. Homestead Roofing offers a ...
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Reasons to Have Your Roof Cleaned

There are many reasons to have your roof cleaned. For example, if you live in a moist area, you can have excessive moss, lichen, or algae growth on your roof. Neglecting the problem can negatively ...
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How to Choose a Roofing Contractor

When you need to have your roof repaired or replaced, you want to know you’re working with a roofer that you can trust—after all, roofs are a costly investment. Choosing the right roofing ...
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Learn More About Metal Roofs

Although metal roofs have become more popular in recent years, many people still believe that metal roofs will be too noisy for them or that they will attract lightning strikes during storms. This ...
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The Importance of Cleaning Your Gutters

You might not think that your roofing and your gutters have much to do with one another, but the truth is that a problem with clogged gutters could end up being a disaster for your roof. The Homestead ...
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Signs You Should Replace Your Roof

The roof on your home is not going to last forever, and unfortunately, you are going to have to replace your roofing at some point in the future. You should try to install a new roof in Ridgewood ...
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Types of Roofing Shingles

When you decide to replace your roof, you will need to pick out the roofing materials that you want to use for your new one. You should base your decision on your budget as well as the type of home ...
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How to Spot a Leaky Roof

Your roof is the first line of defense against the elements. Unfortunately, even a minor leak in the roof can cause extensive structural damage and may even lead to mold, which itself can be very ...
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Does Your Home Need a New Roof?

The signs of roof damage can be easy to spot, but deciding what to do next can be difficult. The decision to repair or replace an old, worn out roof is a difficult one that involves many different ...
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Replacing Your Siding

Unless there is an obvious and urgent problem with a home’s siding, most homeowners won’t give much notice to the idea of replacing their siding. However, you shouldn’t necessarily ...
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Is it Time to Replace Your Windows?

There are a lot of home improvements that most people consider necessary. Unfortunately, window replacements aren’t usually one of them. But the fact of the matter is that replacing your windows ...
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A Look at the Different Types of Roofing Materials

When you install roofing on your home, there are many different kinds of materials that you can choose from. You should pick the one that works best for you based on the amount of roof maintenance ...
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Your Roof Cleaning Options

When you clean your roof regularly, you won’t need to worry about having roofing repair done down the line. Routine roof cleaning can keep your roof looking brand new and shut down any potential ...
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Over a Century of Roofing History [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’re like most people, you don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your roof, but there is actually a rich history behind it. As in many places around the world, roofs in New Jersey ...
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The Advantages of a Metal Roof

Metal roofs have been around for decades now, but in recent years, they have become more popular than ever. This is because they are incredibly durable and energy efficient. Before you decide to ...
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A Guide to Emergency Roof Repair

Your roof is obviously a very important part of your home, so if you experience an emergency with it, you need to take action immediately and seek roofing repair. There are also some precautionary ...
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The Benefits of EPDM Roofing

There are many different kinds of roofing that can be used on the tops of homes and businesses. One of the most popular types is EPDM roofing, which is constructed out of rubber. Rubber roofs have ...
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Looking Back at the History of The Homestead Roofing Co.

Putting a roof over your head is obviously very important, but so is keeping that roof in good condition so that it does its job. The Homestead Roofing Co. offers excellent roof maintenance near ...
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Tips for Extending the Lifespan of Your Roof

Putting new roofs on homes can be expensive, so you should do everything you can to get the most out of yours before it needs to be replaced. One of the best ways to do this is to have roof cleaning ...
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Spotlight on Roofing Shingles

Before you have residential roof construction done on your home, you need to pick the right type of shingles for your specific house. You can use many different kinds of roofing materials near ...
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