Advice for Preparing Your Roof for Colder Temperatures

As the winter season approaches, now is a good time to embark on seasonal maintenance projects for your home. During the winter months, extreme weather conditions and freezing outdoor temperatures can cause cracks, leaks, and other forms of damage to your home’s roof. With services from a contractor that specializes in roofing near Ridgewood , you can make sure that your home’s roof is ready to handle the winter months. From roof inspections to roof shingle replacement and more, your contractor can provide you with all types of seasonal services. Here is a quick look at some tips for preparing your roof for the colder season that lies ahead. cleaning - gutters

Clean Your Gutters

Before the fall and winter seasons kick into full gear, it is a terrific idea to take the time to clear leaves, sticks, and other types of debris from your gutters. If your gutters become clogged, they will no longer be able to safely drain water away from your home’s roof. During the cold winter season, gutter problems could lead to ice dams and other forms of roof damage to your home.

Install an Ice Shield

Ice dams are a serious concern for any homeowner during the coldest months of the year. An ice dam occurs when water melts, collects, and refreezes on the surface of a roof. Over the course of an entire winter season, a dangerous ice dam can form on the surface of your roof. To prevent an ice dam on your roof this winter, you may want to ask your contractor about the advantages of installing an ice shield, which will prevent ice from forming.

Schedule an Inspection

A roof inspection is a key service to schedule in anticipation of the winter season. If you are concerned about leaks, broken shingles, or other forms of damage that could get worse during the winter season, it is a great idea to have your roofers come and inspect your roof. Any potential problem areas can be corrected before the winter season arrives.

A Look at Ice Dam Prevention

Ice dams are a serious issue during the winter season. This video will provide you with a closer look at how to prevent ice dams on your home’s roof. When snow melts and then re-freezes on your roof, it will start to create a sheet of ice. By preventing heat from transferring from your home to your roof, you can improve the efficiency of your heating system and prevent ice dams from forming. A contractor that offers roof inspections near Ridgewood can help you avoid ice dams during the upcoming winter season.

In order to help you prevent ice dams, your roofing company may suggest that you install additional insulation in your attic spaces. By insulating your roofing materials, you can keep heat indoors where it belongs. By taking the time to work with your roofing company to prevent ice dams, you can avoid costly damage to your roof.

Metal Roofing and Extreme Weather

Metal roofs in Ridgewood, NJ are the perfect addition to any home or commercial building, especially during extreme weather conditions. Due to the sturdy construction of metal roofs, they can resist 140 mph winds, storms, and day-to-day sunny weather. Here is a look at how well metal roofs stack up against all types of extreme weather:

  • When the snow starts packing heavily on a metal roof, homeowners will not need to worry about potential ice damming. Metal roofs shed snow exceptionally fast, which keeps ice from building up on the eaves. Without ice dams, homeowners will not have to worry as much about water damage in their attics.
  • Metal roofs can also stand up to extremely high winds and hail storms. Other roofing materials may become damaged and leak, but metal roofs may only sustain some light denting. This can be prevented with the right metal roof material.
  • Some homeowners may worry about excessive noise in a heavy storm. Roofing companies can add structural barriers to a metal roof construction to minimize potential noise.

metal - roof

What to Expect When You Hire a Roof Cleaner

Many people may not realize their roof should receive a regular cleaning as part of their roof maintenance in Ridgewood, NJ. A roof cleaner should be a professional from a roof installer or maintenance company , so that your roof will be cleaned the correct way. roof - cleaning

The Right Cleaning Materials

When you hire a roof cleaner, ask about the materials and methods he will be using to properly clean your roof. There are several different methods and solutions that may be used, but they are not all safe for your roof. Abrasive detergents and pressure washing are both cleaning methods that can prove harmful to your roofing. Ask if the cleaning solutions will damage the rest of your home, appliances, or your landscaping. Also, inquire about assurances that mold, algae, and other harmful growths will not immediately return after the roof cleaning.

Removal of Dangerous Mold Growth

The main reason to have your roof cleaned regularly is to remove algae, mold, and lichen from invading your roof and house. If these organisms are allowed to thrive, especially mold, you could be looking at mold or lichen growth within your attic or house. Mold grows wherever there are spores present in a damp and warm environment. If you have mold growing on your roof, it could potentially travel through your attic vents or heating and cooling systems. Professional roof cleaning can remove harmful mold, along with algae, lichen, and any other unattractive growths.

Improved Curb Appeal

No matter the shape of your roof—flat, gable, or hip—it is possible for you and your neighbors to see the condition it is in on a daily basis. Instead of letting your roof fall into disrepair or become covered in harmful algae and mold, call for professional roof cleaning. By regularly cleaning your roof, you and your neighbors will appreciate the added curb appeal to your home. A clean roof can also contribute to a faster sale, if you ever plan on selling your house.