Answering Questions About Roof Storm Damage

Different roofing materials in Franklin Lakes, NJ may be susceptible to storm damage, but it’s always a good idea to have your roof checked out after a storm passes through. Knowing what hail damage looks like can help you spot a problem, but you might not want to fix it yourself. It’s a good idea to replace your roof if it’s been badly damaged, but sometimes you might get lucky. Keep reading to answer some of your questions about roof storm damage. hail - damage

What does hail damage look like?

Hail can take a toll on your roof shingles. Certain types of shingles have granules, and a hailstorm can knock them onto the ground. You might also notice bruises and blemishes on your roof. In serious cases, you could even come across cracks and holes, which could in turn contribute to leaks, water damage, and mold. If you notice any signs of hail damage, call your roofing professional.

Can I fix the damage myself?

Even if you have a flat roof, there are many dangers associated with fixing storm damage. You might not know where the weak points in your roof are until you step on them, in which case you could find yourself in your attic rather than on top of your house. Additionally, you might not know exactly what it takes to fix your roof shingles. If you suspect that a recent storm has damaged your roof, it’s always better to call the professionals and have them inspect it.

Should I have my roof replaced after storm damage?

Some roofing materials are better able to stand up against storm damage than others, so it’s not always easy to tell if you need a roof replacement after a storm. If you are ever unsure if you need repair or replacement, you should have your roofing expert come by for an inspection. You can also talk to your neighbors—if they have found roof replacement necessary after a local storm, there’s a chance you might need the same kind of service.

Get the Facts About Gutter Cleaning

Your gutters play an important role when it comes to keeping your house safe, sanitary, and efficient , so it’s a good idea to maintain them. Gutter cleaning helps to remove pests’ habitats and clear out any debris that could be causing water overflow. In turn, this process can help keep your roof shingles in Saddle River, NJ in great shape over the years. If you’re wondering if you could benefit, continue reading to get the facts about gutter cleaning. gutter - cleaning

Keeps Pests Away

Although your gutters are designed to collect rainwater and move it to a safe location, pests see them differently. Your gutters can quickly be turned into habitats for birds, squirrels, and even rats and mice. From there, these pests can make their way into your home, where they can spread disease and ruin your belongings. Gutter cleaning services will remove these pests from your gutters and even prevent them from coming back, which helps to keep your home safer and more sanitary.

Helps Prevent Water Damage

When your gutters are dirty, they’re not as capable of doing their job. Gutters filled with leaves, pest infestations, and other debris will not efficiently remove water from your property. This means that the water will stay in the gutters, spill onto your roof, or overflow onto the ground surrounding your home. This can cause water damage and mold growth, and the standing water can attract even more pests, so clean your gutters to avoid these problems.

Protects Your Roof

Roofing materials aren’t always cheap, and replacing your flat roof is a commitment. If you’d rather protect your roof and keep it in shape for as long as you can, it’s a good idea to clean out your gutters on a regular basis. Pests and water damage can both deteriorate your roof shingles and damage your roof, contributing to excessive repairs and even premature replacement. When you clean out your gutters, you can keep pests from chewing through your roof shingles and water from seeping through your roof and into your home.

Getting to Know the Homestead Roofing Company

You rely on your roof to protect you from the elements, contain conditioned air, and help you enjoy a comfortable living space. Whether you’re looking to repair your metal roofing in Ridgewood NJ or you need a new roof altogether, choose quality professionals like the Homestead Roofing Company . Look at our video if you’d like to get to know us.

You don’t get to enjoy more than 85 years of success by doing a subpar job. At Homestead Roofing Company, we have spent the better part of a century dedicating ourselves to customer satisfaction and quality work. We’ve installed thousands of roofs and performed even more repairs. Our team works with slate, tiles, flat roofs, and even siding and windows. There is a reason we were called the best roofing company in Ridgewood for back-to-back years, and if you come down to our showroom, you’ll see for yourself.

Reaping the Benefits of Flat Roofing Systems

When it comes to replacing your roofing materials in Saddle River, it’s essential to consider longevity and performance. Because of this, many property owners invest in flat roofs for their buildings. When installed properly, a flat roof can last for up to 25 years. However, flat roofs weren’t always as long-lasting and durable as they are today, and they couldn’t always compete with sloped roofs in these areas. Today, advances in roofing materials and technology allow for flat roofs that contend with sloped roofs when it comes to longevity, and they can also be energy efficient and highly durable.

In addition to these benefits, there are several more reasons why flat roofs are such a popular option for industrial and commercial buildings. Flat roofing systems offer stability and horizontal space while reducing the risk of accidents and injury due to falling. Finally, flat roofs are less expensive than sloped roofs, are easier to inspect, and can free up more of your valuable interior space.

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