Can the Color of Your Metal Roofing Help Cut Your Energy Costs?

Choose your roofing materials carefully, because the type of metal roofing in Franklin Lakes, NJ that you pick could impact your house in a number of ways. Metal roofing is extremely durable and may be the only roof you need to purchase in your lifetime, but you should know how it can affect your energy efficiency. Watch this video and find out if the color of your metal roofing can help cut your energy costs.

Different materials reflect different amounts of light, which is why we experience color. Black absorbs all light, while white reflects it all back. If you’re due for a new metal roof and you want to cut down your energy costs, go with a lighter color. Lighter colors like white, beige, or light green or blue will reflect more light, which can be especially helpful if your property gets a lot of sunlight.

Choosing a Color You’ll Love for Your New Metal Roof

The color of your metal roof in Saddle River, NJ will have a lot to do with your home or business’s curb appeal. There’s a lot more to it than that, however, so aesthetics are not the only thing to worry about. Different colors interact with light in different ways, and the shade of your roof can even have an impact on the energy efficiency of your building. If you’re having trouble choosing a color you’ll love for your new metal roof, keep reading for some helpful tips.

Metal roofs come with a few key benefits no matter what color they are. They’re known to last for many years and stand up against heavy winds and impact. They’re also naturally energy-efficient because they reflect sunlight, preventing the ultraviolet rays from the sun from heating up your space during the summer. Darker hues absorb more light, while lighter colors reflect it away. Your roof color should fit in with your existing design as well. Choose a color that looks great under different lighting conditions so your roof impresses at any time of day. With today’s technology, your color options are practically limitless.

How Metal Roofs Save Store Owners Money

Savvy business owners often choose metal roofing when it’s time to replace their current roof. This particular material will likely last for the life of your business. Depending on the specific type of metal used, you can generally expect it to last for 40 to 70 years, barring unforeseen acts of nature. Since you will only need to schedule a metal roof installation in Saddle River, NJ once, you’ll save a considerable sum simply because you won’t have to replace the roof.

Metal roofs are prized for their ability to withstand high winds, large hail, and even fire. They’ve been known to withstand hurricane-force winds, although there are always some exceptions. Thanks to their remarkable durability, having a metal roof may give you a discount on your insurance premiums. Individual policies vary, so check with your insurance carrier. As an added bonus, the newer, corrugated metal roofs don’t even need to be repainted every few years—which, of course, will save you money on maintenance costs.

Highlighting the Safety Benefits of Metal Roofing

You want a type of roof that improves your curb appeal and raises the value of your property, but you also need to think about safety. Metal roofing in Glen Rock, NJ is known for its safety benefits, making it an excellent choice for both residential and commercial buildings. In addition to being long-lasting, energy efficient, and aesthetically pleasing, metal roofs can make your home or workplace safer in a number of ways. Read ahead if you’re interested in the safety benefits of metal roofing.

You can expect a durable, long-lasting roof to do a good job of protecting you and your family or your employees and customers from the elements for years to come. Metal roofing adds fireproof and wind resistant properties to the standard durability and protection a roof can offer. A structure fire can quickly destroy your belongings and weaken the structural integrity of your building. Metal roofing is more resistant to fire than other roofing materials, and it can smother the fire and keep it from spreading. This roofing type can also resist more than 100 mph winds, so chances are you’ll never see your roof rip off during a storm.

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FAQs About Roof Repairs

Your flat roof in Franklin Lakes, NJ won’t hold up forever without a little maintenance help. There are many elements that may threaten your roof’s stability and structural integrity, and knowing about them helps you protect your investment. You can rely on the professionals to see if your roof needs repair , but you should also recognize the signs on your own. All different roofing materials can be repaired, so find a competent contractor and get to work. Here are a couple of FAQs about roof repairs. roof - damage

What causes roof damage?

It’s your roof’s responsibility to keep you and your family or your workers and patrons safe from the outside. Your roof takes the brunt of every storm, keeps you dry when it rains, and keeps you cool when it’s hot out. In order to do this, it needs to take the hit for you. The elements can take a toll on your roof over time, which is why you might notice that your roof shingles don’t look the way they did when you first had the roof installed. There are steps you can take to offer your roof some extra protection, so keep that in mind when having yours installed.

How do I tell if my roof needs repair?

There are a couple of clear signs that your roof needs to be taken care of. One is damage to your roof shingles. Your roof shingles might curl up, lose their granules, or even crack in half. This weakens your defense against the elements and can lead to bigger problems. You also need to call your contractor if you notice water pooling on your roof. Standing water attracts bugs, and it can also seep into your space. If your roof shingles are in rough shape or you notice water pooling, call the professionals.

What kinds of roofs can be repaired?

You shouldn’t attempt to repair your roof by yourself, but your specialist can repair just about any kind of roof. The professionals can tackle slate and tile roofs as well as flat roofs and roof shingles.

Answering Questions About Roof Storm Damage

Different roofing materials in Franklin Lakes, NJ may be susceptible to storm damage, but it’s always a good idea to have your roof checked out after a storm passes through. Knowing what hail damage looks like can help you spot a problem, but you might not want to fix it yourself. It’s a good idea to replace your roof if it’s been badly damaged, but sometimes you might get lucky. Keep reading to answer some of your questions about roof storm damage. hail - damage

What does hail damage look like?

Hail can take a toll on your roof shingles. Certain types of shingles have granules, and a hailstorm can knock them onto the ground. You might also notice bruises and blemishes on your roof. In serious cases, you could even come across cracks and holes, which could in turn contribute to leaks, water damage, and mold. If you notice any signs of hail damage, call your roofing professional.

Can I fix the damage myself?

Even if you have a flat roof, there are many dangers associated with fixing storm damage. You might not know where the weak points in your roof are until you step on them, in which case you could find yourself in your attic rather than on top of your house. Additionally, you might not know exactly what it takes to fix your roof shingles. If you suspect that a recent storm has damaged your roof, it’s always better to call the professionals and have them inspect it.

Should I have my roof replaced after storm damage?

Some roofing materials are better able to stand up against storm damage than others, so it’s not always easy to tell if you need a roof replacement after a storm. If you are ever unsure if you need repair or replacement, you should have your roofing expert come by for an inspection. You can also talk to your neighbors—if they have found roof replacement necessary after a local storm, there’s a chance you might need the same kind of service.

What Types of Metal Are Used in Roofing?

Metal roofing can be constructed from a variety of different materials. In this video from Metal Roof Network, you will receive an overview of some of the most popular types of metal that are used in modern roofing. Galvanized steel is commonly used to create metal roofs for residential and commercial purposes. A company that installs metal roofs in Glen Rock can provide you with more information about the types of metal that are available for your roof.

Once you have learned all about the various kinds of metal roofing materials that are available for your new roof, you will be ready to start the installation process. A new metal roof will be extremely resistant to wear and tear, and you can expect your metal roofing to last for many decades before it needs to be replaced.

EPDM Roofing 101: Facts for Homeowners

If you are seeking alternative roofing materials for your home, you may want to ask your roofing contractors about the benefits of using EPDM roofing . EPDM roofing is a type of roofing material that is primarily used to finish roofs that have little to no pitch. Since a flat roof is a characteristic of many modern homes, EPDM roofing may be the perfect solution for your construction project. With this type of roofing, you can rest assured that your roof has been built to withstand the elements. Here is a look at some essential facts that all owners should know about EPDM roofs. EPDM - Roofing

Fact: EPDM Roofing Is Extremely Durable

One of the best reasons to install EPDM roofing on your home’s roof is that this type of roofing material is incredibly durable. EPDM roofing is constructed from an extremely strong rubber membrane that has been engineered to withstand high heat, strong winds, heavy rains, and even hailstorms. From the coldest months of winter to the high temperatures of summer, an EPDM roof will provide your home against all types of inclement weather.

Fact: EPDM Roofing Lasts Longer than Other Roofing Materials

When you install a conventional asphalt shingle roof on your home, you can expect your roofing to last for about 30 years before it needs to be replaced. In comparison, EPDM roofs can remain intact for up to 40 years or longer. With their long lifespans, EPDM roofs are terrific investments for any homeowner.

Fact: EPDM Roofing Is Used for Low Slope Roofs

If you have researched EPDM roofing and decided that you are interested in this type of roofing material, you will need to determine whether your home is a candidate for an EPDM installation. Due to its unique characteristics, EPDM roofing must be used on roofs that have very little slope. A home that has a steep pitched roof will not be a candidate for EPDM roofing, unless the home is reengineered to have a flat roof.

Answers to Your Questions About Commercial Roof Maintenance

A flat roof is a hallmark of many commercial buildings. If you are the owner or manager of a commercial property that has a flat roof, it is important to be aware of the unique maintenance requirements of this type of roofing. By building a relationship with a contractor that repairs TPO roofing near Bergen County , you can make sure that your building’s flat roof is structurally sound and free of leaks. To help you get started on your flat roof repairs, here is a look at answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about commercial roof maintenance. roof - repair

Do I Need to Remove Debris?

The flat roof on top of your commercial building may tend to collect leaves, twigs, branches, and other types of debris. Rather than allowing this debris to build up on the surface of your roof, you will want to clear it away at regular intervals. A roofing company will be able to provide you with professional roof cleaning services, so you will not have to worry about accessing and clearing off your building’s roof.

How Can I Tell When My Roof Needs Repairs?

To preserve the structural safety of your commercial building, it is important to set up repair appointments as soon as you start to notice a maintenance issue. Some common signs of repair problems with commercial roofs include missing flashing, pools of water, or excess moss and mold growth. If you can visibly spot the signs of roof damage, you should act fast to set up professional roof repairs.

Who Should Repair My Commercial Roof?

In order to keep your commercial roof in great condition, you will want to make sure that you trust your roof maintenance to a team of certified professionals. While some roofers work on both commercial and residential roofs, others specialize in certain types of roofing. A well-rounded roofing company that maintains all types of residential and commercial roofing will be able to provide you with high quality repairs.

Choosing Metal Roofing for Your Roof Replacement

Metal roofing is one of the most popular roofing materials that can be used in both residential and commercial applications. If you are no longer satisfied with the durability or appearance of your current roof, you may want to schedule a metal roofing replacement. Your roofing contractors in Bergen County will be able to safely and efficiently remove your current roofing materials and replace them with a durable metal product.

There are several advantages to choosing metal roofing for your roof replacement. Metal roofing is extremely durable, and you can expect your roofing installation to last for up to 75 years before it needs to be replaced again. Additionally, metal roofing is also extremely energy efficient. With a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from, you will be able to find a metal roofing product that is the perfect addition to the exterior of your home. After learning about the advantages of metal roofing, be sure to contact your roofing contractor to set up a consultation.

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