Your Practical Guide to Handling Severe Weather Damage to Your Home

Natural disasters and other severe weather events can cause property damage, injury, and even fatalities, but a strong home with a fortified roof will offer some protection. Once the weather has died down and it’s safe to go outside and look around, you can get an idea of what kind of damage has been done to your house. You can start to address smaller problems like minor leaks with temporary fixes, but you shouldn’t wait to call for storm damage roof repair in Glen Rock, NJ if significant damage has been done to your roof. Here’s your practical guide to handling severe weather damage to your home.

Survey the Damage

Once the weather has died down and it’s safe to go outside, take a walk around your property and see what kind of damage has been done. The storm could’ve knocked over power lines or trees onto your home, which may result in damage to your siding or your roof. In the case of hurricanes or extremely heavy winds, your roof may have lost shingles or even blown off of its foundation entirely. You still need to keep rain and animals out of your house after the storm, so don’t wait to call for emergency roof repair.

Use a Temporary Fix

You might notice any number of problems when you walk around the inside of your house after a severe weather event. Leaks are among the most common problems, and small leaks can quickly lead to large problems. If you notice water dripping from the ceiling, use a bucket to catch the water so it doesn’t seep into your flooring and cause even more water damage. Clean up any moisture that you come across to protect yourself from a mold problem before the storm damage roof repair pros arrive.

Call Your Roofing Company

When an intense storm comes in and damages your roof, you’ll need to take action quickly. Get ahold of your emergency roof repair professionals so they can give your roof a more thorough inspection and decide what needs to be repaired to return your investment to normal.

Why Homeowners Love Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is an incredibly easy material to work with, which is one reason homeowners love it so much. It can be especially great if you’re looking for a versatile siding that will work well with your roofing materials in Franklin Lakes, NJ. Convenience and beauty are both factors to consider when choosing materials for your roof, siding, or anything else that impacts your curb appeal, so why choose between the 2? If you’re thinking about new siding, keep reading and find out why homeowners love vinyl.

Vinyl siding hasn’t been around for all that long, and yet it’s already made a name for itself as a top choice for siding. One reason is that it offers a beautiful aesthetic without requiring much maintenance. Installing vinyl siding tends to be pretty easy, especially if you have the professionals do it for you. Even though you don’t need to paint it, you can layer on another coat of paint whenever you want if you want to change the color. Remember not to nail it too tight or too loose, as it should be free to move but not blow around when it gets windy.

vinyl - siding

Spotlight on the Benefits of EPDM Roofing

When you are comparing roofing materials for your commercial building, be sure to talk to your roof installation contractor about the benefits of EPDM roofing . EPDM roofing is constructed from a durable, rubber membrane, which coats the surface of your flat roof and protects your building from the elements. A company that sells EPDM roofing near Ridgewood can replace your existing roofing materials with this revolutionary product.

There are many advantages to choosing EPDM roofing over other roofing materials. Since EPDM is sourced from recyclable and sustainable materials, this type of roof is incredibly eco-friendly. EPDM roofing is also extremely resistant to hot and cold temperatures, making it a year-round solution for your building. You can also expect to receive an extended warranty for your EPDM roofing installation. Finally, EPDM roofing can also help you to save on your monthly energy bills. If you have decided that an EPDM roofing installation is the right choice for your building, do not hesitate to set up a consultation with a licensed roofing contractor.

EPDM - Roof

Exploring the Link Between Your Roof and Your Energy Costs

When you are seeking ways to cut down on your energy costs, scheduling roofing repair may not be the first item that comes to mind. However, the quality and condition of your roofing materials can actually have a significant impact on the energy efficiency of your home. A company that specializes in roofing near Franklin Lakes can help you to choose new roofing materials that will provide your home with better efficiency and insulation. Read on for a closer look at the link between your roof and your energy costs. home - roof

Insulation Level

Your roofing materials can enhance the insulation level of your entire home. On a hot summer’s day, having a properly insulated roof will help to protect your indoor spaces from the sun’s hot rays. By contrast, inefficient roofing materials may not be able to properly insulate your home. If you find that you are spending extra on your heating bills during the winter, this could be a sign that your roof needs additional insulation. With a newly insulated roof, you can significantly reduce your energy costs.

Sunlight Reflection

The color of your roof can also impact whether your home is able to reflect sunlight. Dark roofs in shades of black or dark brown will tend to absorb UV radiation. During the summer season, poor sunlight reflection from your roof can lead to higher energy bills for your home. To cut down on your energy costs during the summer months, consider installing a new roof that has been specifically engineered to reflect sunlight.

Ventilation Capabilities

Ventilation in your attic space can also affect your home’s energy costs. Without correct ventilation from your attic and roof, your attic can become hot, humid, and inefficient. A team of roofers will be able to check out your attic’s current ventilation capabilities and recommend any necessary repairs. After you have replaced your roof’s ventilation system, you may notice that your energy bills are much lower throughout every season of the year.

Get the Facts About Gutter Cleaning

Your gutters play an important role when it comes to keeping your house safe, sanitary, and efficient , so it’s a good idea to maintain them. Gutter cleaning helps to remove pests’ habitats and clear out any debris that could be causing water overflow. In turn, this process can help keep your roof shingles in Saddle River, NJ in great shape over the years. If you’re wondering if you could benefit, continue reading to get the facts about gutter cleaning. gutter - cleaning

Keeps Pests Away

Although your gutters are designed to collect rainwater and move it to a safe location, pests see them differently. Your gutters can quickly be turned into habitats for birds, squirrels, and even rats and mice. From there, these pests can make their way into your home, where they can spread disease and ruin your belongings. Gutter cleaning services will remove these pests from your gutters and even prevent them from coming back, which helps to keep your home safer and more sanitary.

Helps Prevent Water Damage

When your gutters are dirty, they’re not as capable of doing their job. Gutters filled with leaves, pest infestations, and other debris will not efficiently remove water from your property. This means that the water will stay in the gutters, spill onto your roof, or overflow onto the ground surrounding your home. This can cause water damage and mold growth, and the standing water can attract even more pests, so clean your gutters to avoid these problems.

Protects Your Roof

Roofing materials aren’t always cheap, and replacing your flat roof is a commitment. If you’d rather protect your roof and keep it in shape for as long as you can, it’s a good idea to clean out your gutters on a regular basis. Pests and water damage can both deteriorate your roof shingles and damage your roof, contributing to excessive repairs and even premature replacement. When you clean out your gutters, you can keep pests from chewing through your roof shingles and water from seeping through your roof and into your home.

Getting to Know the Homestead Roofing Company

You rely on your roof to protect you from the elements, contain conditioned air, and help you enjoy a comfortable living space. Whether you’re looking to repair your metal roofing in Ridgewood NJ or you need a new roof altogether, choose quality professionals like the Homestead Roofing Company . Look at our video if you’d like to get to know us.

You don’t get to enjoy more than 85 years of success by doing a subpar job. At Homestead Roofing Company, we have spent the better part of a century dedicating ourselves to customer satisfaction and quality work. We’ve installed thousands of roofs and performed even more repairs. Our team works with slate, tiles, flat roofs, and even siding and windows. There is a reason we were called the best roofing company in Ridgewood for back-to-back years, and if you come down to our showroom, you’ll see for yourself.

Tips for Dealing with Commercial Roof Damage Caused by Summer Storms

Your property’s roofing plays a critical part in your building’s function and integrity, so it’s important to keep an eye out for any damage it may suffer due to summer storms. If you think that your commercial building may need storm damage roof repair near Glen Rock, NJ, then continue reading for tips on dealing with this process. summer - storm

Know What Roof Damage Looks Like

If you’re not sure if you need roof repair, then there are some common warning signs to watch for. Inside, you might see water damage on your ceiling or in your attic. Outside, shingles may be missing, curling, or damaged. If you notice problems like these, then have your roof inspected.

Choose an Experienced Commercial Roofing Contractor

When done improperly, it may take some time for you to realize that your roof wasn’t correctly fixed and you’ll need costly repairs. For these reasons, when you need storm damage roof repair, look for a local, reputable company. Also, get a written estimate, find out if the contractor is licensed, and ask about past jobs.

Protect Your Roof Through Preventive Action

One of the best ways to deal with commercial roof damage due to summer storms is to help prevent it from happening. A few small issues that go unaddressed may leave your roof more vulnerable to storm damage, and your building may end up suffering greater damages if your roof isn’t in great shape before storm season. By having your roofing inspected regularly, you can help ensure that it’s in good condition and better prepared to withstand the summer weather ahead.

Do Not Delay Emergency Roof Repair

Perhaps the most important tip is not to postpone when you need storm damage roof repair. If you know or suspect that your roofing has suffered storm damage, then deal with the issue sooner rather than later. Taking this step can help prevent the problem from growing and allowing moisture to seep into your roofing materials or your building. Finally, taking care of storm damage now can help ensure that your roof is protected against the next storm.

What Types of Metal Are Used in Roofing?

Metal roofing can be constructed from a variety of different materials. In this video from Metal Roof Network, you will receive an overview of some of the most popular types of metal that are used in modern roofing. Galvanized steel is commonly used to create metal roofs for residential and commercial purposes. A company that installs metal roofs in Glen Rock can provide you with more information about the types of metal that are available for your roof.

Once you have learned all about the various kinds of metal roofing materials that are available for your new roof, you will be ready to start the installation process. A new metal roof will be extremely resistant to wear and tear, and you can expect your metal roofing to last for many decades before it needs to be replaced.

Benefits of Getting a Free Estimate for Your Commercial Roof

When you are shopping for new roofing materials for your commercial building, it is a great idea to locate a roofing company that offers free estimates for their services. By receiving a free roofing estimate, before you choose to install a new flat roof for your commercial space, you will have a clear picture of the costs involved with your installation. A company that offers quality roofing near Ridgewood will be thrilled to provide you with a free estimate prior to your reroofing services. Read on for an overview of some of the benefits of getting a free estimate for your commercial roof. roofing - estimate

Create a Realistic Budget

Installing a new commercial roof can be an expensive procedure. By taking the time to schedule a free estimate before you embark on your reroofing project, you will be able to create a realistic budget for your services. Your roofing company will include the cost of materials and labor when they create your estimate, so you will not be caught off guard with unexpected expenses.

Build a Relationship with Your Roofing Contractor

By planning a free roofing estimate prior to getting started on your roof installation, you will have a chance to get to know the contractors who work for your roofing company. Building a relationship with your roofers will provide you with better confidence and reassurance, throughout every stage of your reroofing process. By hiring a team that you can trust, you can ensure that you achieve terrific results from your new roof.

Choose Durable and Affordable Roofing Materials

Finally, getting a free estimate for your commercial roof will allow you to determine which materials are within your price range. A commercial roof estimate will include the costs of a few different materials, so you can decide what type of roofing will be the best match for your budgetary requirements. Once your free estimate has concluded, you will be ready to start the commercial roof installation process.

Steps to Take During an Emergency Roof Leak

During the spring season, heavy rainfall can cause significant damage to your roofing. If your roof shingles blow away and your roof springs a leak, it is important to act fast to stop water damage from spreading to the rest of your home. A contractor that offers emergency roof repair near Bergen County can provide you with storm damage roof repair after a major weather event occurs in your area. By building a relationship with a roofer that offers emergency services, you will know who to call after the next big storm. Let’s take a closer look at some essential steps to take during an emergency roof leak. roof - leak

Minimize Water Damage to the Inside of Your Home

The first step to take when you discover that your roof has sprung an emergency leak is to do the best that you can to minimize the amount of water damage that is occurring on the inside of your home. Once you have identified where the water is leaking, you can use buckets or other receptacles to collect the leaking water.

Determine Where the Damage Has Occurred

Depending on the scope and nature of your roof damage, you may be able to pinpoint where the leak has occurred. Your safety is of the utmost importance, so do not attempt to locate a leak in a roof that has experienced extensive structural damage. If you are able to identify the leak from the ground, you will have a better idea of how to stop the leaking water until help can arrive.

Apply a Tarp to the Damaged Section

In certain cases, you may want to minimize the leak while you are waiting on your roof repair services. A household tarp can be used to temporarily cover up the damaged section of the roof. In order to secure the tarp to the surface of your roof, you can place heavy boards around its perimeter. Once your roofers arrive, they can remove the tarp and start repairing the damaged section of your roof.