The Homestead Roofing Company Helps Ridgewood, NJ & More

No matter what material you built your roof with, it will need repairs over time. Weather in Ridgewood, NJ may also cause your roof to get some attention after heavy rains, hail, snow, ice, and more. Waiting to take care of these repairs may end up costing you more than you originally intended. And when you need these roof repairs, you will want someone who knows what they’re doing on top of your house or office building. Trust the roofing team with over 85 years of experience repairing roofs. The Homestead Roofing Company is fully licensed and insured to deliver our excellent roofing services using only high-grade materials. Our team fully focuses on your satisfaction and dedicates themselves to quality craftsmanship when protecting your home.

24-Hour Emergency Roofing Repairs and Services

Getting your roof repaired quickly ensures you won’t have damage elsewhere within your attic or anywhere else in your home. Your roof is essential when protecting it from outside influences, such as wind and rain. When it becomes damaged those elements have an entrance to affect your home in a damaging way. Water leads to rot and powerful winds can hurt the structure. The Homestead Roofing Company provides our neighbors with 24/7 emergency roofing repair services to give them a sense of relief no matter when their roof becomes damaged. Below are more reasons you should give us a call when you need assistance getting your roof repaired quickly:

  • We’re ready to respond 24/7 – we’re here when you need us
  • We swiftly mobilize skilled roofing repair experts to minimize damage and save you money
  • Once the situation is under control, we’ll help you determine the best long-term options for your roof with a free written estimate
  • We are fully licensed and insured for peace of mind
  • We have been providing emergency roofing services in northern New Jersey for over 85 years
  • We specialize in both residential and commercial roofing as well as all roofing types

Snow & Ice Removal is No Problem for the Homestead Pros

After the first snowfall, your home may look beautiful covered with a sheet of white snow, but there are plenty of potential dangers leaving it there for too long. The Homestead Roofing Company brings our experience, knowledge, and skillset to easily remove and protect your roof from the dangers of snow and ice by professionally removing it quickly. We equip our team members with all the appropriate tools to make sure your roof is completely clear of snow and ice. When allowed to linger on your roof, they can create ice dams which are severely dangerous for your home and not just the roof. You can call us for a one time snow and ice removal, or we can schedule multiple visits throughout the winter months. We also offer emergency services to help prevent further damage to your home. Thanks to their experience, our team will safely and efficiently deliver snow and ice removal services for your Ridgewood, NJ home or office.

Homestead Performs Roof Repairs Due to Snow & Ice Leaks

Although your roof should hold large amounts of weight by design, leaving snow and ice up there for too long can have major repercussions leading to expensive repairs or even a total replacement. You could even suffer damage beyond the roof and need to make repairs to your attic, HVAC system, windows, and more. Especially if you have an older roof or a flat one. Melting ice can cause even more damage than just the heavy snow. Collected water in your gutters will expand once the weather gets cold again. They will get too weighted and will rip from your roof, creating an opening for animals or more water to get into your attic. Icicles can also develop, which are not only dangerous for your roof, but can lead to issues below when they fall. Watch out! The Homestead Roofing Company can help with these roofing repairs and restore your roof so it can perform its job of protecting your home. Day or night, weekday or weekend, we are here to help with emergency snow and ice removal and roof repairs to make sure you stay warm throughout the entire winter.

Why Hire The Homestead Roofing Company to Remove Snow & Ice

Clearing snow and ice from your roof is a very dangerous task. Call The Homestead Roofing Company professionals because we have the tools, knowledge, and experience to safely accomplish this goal. We also work quickly so you don’t have to waste your day and potentially end up in the hospital. Our team is able to help clear snow and ice from any type and size of roof and will also clear your gutters to protect them as well. As soon as you notice more than 2 inches covering your roof, it’s time to give us a call.

Call Homestead When You Need Emergency Roof Repairs

No matter when you notice issues or after a heavy snowfall, give the professionals at The Homestead Roofing Company a call to safely have it removed and protect your roof, so it can protect your home or office. We provide emergency 24/7 roofing services to make sure you can stay safeguarded no matter what issue arises. Our team also helps New Jersey homes with many other roofing services and are your team when you need any repairs, replacements, solar installation, and more. Call today at 201-444-2233 to speak with one of our friendly representatives and get your roofing services scheduled promptly.

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