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As commercial roofing contractors with decades of experience, we understand that the long-term performance of a roof depends upon meeting the unique needs of every project, using only the highest quality materials and providing expert craftsmanship. From initial consultation and estimate to project completion, Homestead Roofing provides you with unparalleled flat roofing expertise and good, old-fashioned customer service.

residential flat roof before and afterOur flat roofing system options include:

  • Built-up roofing (BUR) systems
  • Modified bitumen roofing systems
  • EPDM rubber membrane roofing systems
  • Metal roofing systems
  • TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) roofing systems

When properly installed a flat roof can last up to 25 years!

Our flat roofing services include everything from flat roof repairs to replacements or new flat roof installations.

In the past, flat roofs were not as durable or long-lasting as slope roofs but over the last few decades new and advanced flat roofing membranes have been developed that are highly durable, energy efficient and can compete with sloped roofs in longevity.

Why Choose Homestead Roofing Company

  • We have specialized in flat roofing systems for over 85 years
  • We offer good old-fashioned customer service
  • We are experts in flat roof repairs, replacements, and new roof installations
  • We are full-service commercial roofing contractors
  • We are fully licensed and insured
  • We have been Voted Best of Ridgewood for over 5 years
  • We offer competitive rates
  • We offer long-term manufacturer warranties
  • We are 100% focused on customer satisfaction which is why we deliver only the highest quality roofing products
  • Free written estimates

Benefits of Flat Roofing Systems

Flat roofs are a popular roofing type and for good reason. There are several reasons why commercial and industrial buildings utilize flat roof systems such as:

  • Less expensive than sloping roofs
  • Stability and horizontal space
  • Can free up more valuable interior space
  • Easier to inspect
  • No danger of falling off such as with sloped roofs

Flat Roof Repairs – What Should You Do If Your Flat Roof Starts to Leak?

When it comes to flat roofs, leaks can be a frequent and common problem – particularly if the flat roof was not installed properly. Ponding water that stands on the roof for more than 48 hours is one of the main culprits for these leaks. If your flat roof is leaking, the first step is to tarp your roof to prevent more damage to your home or building and protect the interior of your home or building.

To determine whether you need repair or replace your flat roof, hire a professional roofing contractor to assess the issue. Make sure to hire a flat roofing expert, like Homestead Roofing, as general contractors or residential roofers will not know all the intricacies and complexities of flat roofs and therefore will not be able to give you accurate advice.

Once a flat roof starts leaking the interior damage will span from stained ceilings (best case scenario) to thousands of dollars worth of damage. In order to minimize repair costs (and hopefully refrain from needing to replace your roof), it is important to get your roof evaluated as soon as it begins to leak.

If the damage is not repaired immediately it could lead to:

  • Stained ceilings
  • Falling sheet-rock
  • Electrical system damages
  • Popping hardwoods
  • Destroyed carpets
  • Damaged furniture

Other common repairs for flat roofs stem from material shrinkage and foot traffic.

If you believe your flat roof is damaged or leaking, call us today to schedule your free estimate!

Flat Roof Replacement – When Should You Replace Over Repair

Just because your flat roof is leaking or has damage does not mean that it needs to be replaced. Replacing any type of roofing is a costly and time-consuming option and it should be your last resort. At Homestead Roofing, we do our best to repair damaged roofs before recommending replacement as the best option. In many cases, repairs are the best route but there are scenarios where a damaged roof is in such bad condition that only a full replacement will solve the problem.

When identifying which roofs to replace versus repair, we look for two situations that warrant flat roof replacement:

  • When the original material installed has reached the end of its service life (depending on the type of flat roof you have and the quality of the installation this could be as little as 5 years or as many as 30 plus years)
  • When the original roof has not been properly installed which results in on-going problems such as frequent leaks

In some cases, if the cost to repair the damage such as wet insulation, mold issues or structural damages is more costly than replacing the flat roof, we will recommend replacement.

GET A FREE ESTIMATE. If you have concerns about your flat roof, give us a call today to get your free estimate. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have and provide an evaluation of your flat roof.

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